Herbert Paus Men's Fashion. New for 2015. Green Tiger Press introduces a new series of cards and prints with art created by Herbert Paus for a 1920s clothing catalog for Hart Schaffner & Marx. Extolling the American heritage, craftsmanship, and quality of the apparel, the products in this series make perfect gifts for men and their admirers.
Greeting Cards. The cards in this series are perfect for that special man in your life. We at Green Tiger were attracted to both the sincerity and irony of the images. Hipster? Maybe. Bromance? Possibly. Dramatic? Definitely! The captions are shortened versions of the exuberant text from the original 1920s advertising copy. The sophisticated gent in your life is sure to be delighted with these evocative scenes.
Art Prints. Selecting and displaying a set of prints from this series comes highly recommended. Collecting three to six of these prints is an affordable way to decorate a man's office or recreation room in style. These prints will look stunning in any frame built to hold an 11 by 14 inch print. Might we recommend a dark wood? These prints attract attention and encourage conversation, making them perfect for a social area.
History. Taken from a series of advertising pamphlets in our collection of paper ephemera, the clothing company Hart Schaffner & Marx commissioned these images in the Roaring Twenties. Green Tiger’s designers carefully and respectfully scanned, repaired, and rejuvenated the originals. Given that these images are nearly a century old and quite rare, this is a special opportunity to enjoy their artistry.
The Artist. Herbert Andrew Paus (1880-1946) was a noted American illustrator active in the first decades of the 20th century. He created posters himself and supervised other artists to help the war effort during World War I. He also illustrated books and painted cover art for magazines such as Colliers, Ladies’ Home Journal and Pictorial Review.