The Green Tiger’s pack is full of things that make good Christmas gifts.
Christmas card choices.
Prints as gifts:  We have over three-thousand images on a wide variety of subject available as 11”x14” prints, ready to frame and enjoy. These make wonderfully affordable gifts at $12.95 each. A mere three prints qualifies you for free shipping!   Where to begin on our site? Might we suggest our Christmas images?
Snowmen  We have a delightful selection of images, on both greeting cards and prints, featuring not just snowmen, but all manner of people and animals made of snow. We have snowmen skating, a snow family enjoying Christmas dinner, snow-rabbits, snow-cats, and even snowmen having a snowball fight!
Christmas Magazine covers  The first half of the 2oth century was the golden age of magazines.  Many millions were sold of each issue, which allowed them to afford the finest illustrators, especially for their covers.  Our selection of golden age Christmas covers shows how good these covers were.  They make powerfully evocative and unusual Christmas cards.
Good Dog, Carl  For fans of the beloved babysitting Rottweiler, Carl, our selection of cards and prints might be the perfect gift.  Give a print for a child’s room, or a dog lover’s den.  Or send a holiday card to someone who remembers the caretaking big dog fondly.
Children at Christmas  The young (and young at heart) among us enjoy the holiday season with the most innocence. Enjoy our selection of beautiful vintage images of children anticipating Santa, decorating the tree, frolicking in the snow, singing carols, and a wealth of other adorable Christmas cheer.
Santa Claus  Ho ho ho! Santa Claus permeates the Christmas season, and while his style may have changed over the years, he is always jolly and smiling. We have a wide selection of cards and prints featuring Santa in all his red-clad glory.